Effective October 1, 2020 all patients must upload a card prior to their initial session. Patients who do not have cards on file will be cancelled.

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Do you have a pre-teen or teen that is struggling with transitions, maladaptive behaviors, past or current trauma? Children’s counseling can provide new ways of coping, behavioral support, healthy relationships, avoiding peer pressure, processing trauma and self-confidence.



Struggling with reintegration, deployment, shift in family dynamics, PTSD, depression or suicidal thoughts? Let us support you in becoming whole again, career changes/plans and reintegrating into a healthy family system.


Are you struggling to feel better? Looking for someone to listen and help you find your way, even if you’ve had people in your life who made you feel “less than enough.” Let’s work together to help you let go of some baggage and start a new day.


Anxiety & Depression

It feels hopeless when it seems nobody cares or understands. Through relationship woes, grieving or feelings of depression, counseling can provide the support you need to get through.



Couples & Marriage Counseling can provide couples with vital communication and conflict resolution skills to endure life's difficult times and become closer than before. Strengthen your future marriage by communicating about vital issues such as finances, sex, conflict resolution and role expectations before the big day.


Ethnic or Identity Issues

Struggling with identity issues or daily ethnic issues that hinder your emotional and mental progression in life? We can help you to identify the uniqueness within yourself and help you to develop strength within yourself and develop healthy thought patters surrounding your identity and ethnic issues.


There are times in which Crave Counseling PLLC may have to decline services.

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