Asha Creary

"For me, being a therapist is
a calling and I am passionate about what I do."

As we all know, any meaningful change requires a lifestyle shift. Similar to athletes, for example, they must keep their bodies fit and able to perform under their daily routines, or risk major injury, so must we provide ourselves with the tools and resources to, not just hold up, but thrive under and despite the stresses and pressures that may affect our everyday lives. As a mental health therapist with close to a decade of experience and education, I help my clients do just that.


This is truly my life’s work. I went from being a little girl, always helping others and supporting friends through hard times, to being a master of professional counseling, still committed to helping people become their best selves. Those who know me best say I’ve been a therapist my whole life, I just decided to get the proper credentials. I still dedicate myself to others by creating collaborative relationships with my clients, turning clinical knowledge into practical advice and helping my clients work toward solutions with empathy, kindness and patience. I am trained to treat individuals and couples with issues ranging from a wide variety of personal struggles to serious mental health challenges. I also specialize in treating anxiety-based disorders, stress management, veteran issues, couples and childhood disorders.


When it comes to your mental health, I make no compromise. I understand that stress and anxiety can breed chaos, confusion, conflict and most importantly can strip you of the joy of living. My role in the mental health community is to address these issues with evidence based, client centered, easy to implement restorative practices. As such, I offer services specifically designed to help you unpack your fears, anxieties and confusion, by connecting the dots and healing to gain the clarity needed to take care of your most valuable resource- you!


Recently, I have expanded my services to include public speaking, consulting, small group training and specialized content curation. My goal in doing so is to transfer the knowledge gained through education and experience into practical tips for self-improvement to wider audiences. My hope is for everyone I encounter to walk away knowing two things: One, it’s okay to see a therapist, and two, everyone has the capacity to experience amazing change, with the right tools and support.


What I know for sure is that my life’s journey is steadfastly connected to helping others pursue theirs, in the happiest and healthiest way possible. I believe that no matter what your obstacles, you have the power to change your life. My commitment to you is to be there every step of the way.

  • Associates of Science Degree in Liberal Sciences, 2012

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in University Studies, 2013

  • Master of Education in School Counseling, 2016

  • Licensed Professional Counselor #77800, since January 2019

  • National Certified Counselor #846282, since March 2019

  • Texas Educator Certification in School Counseling, since May 2016

Kiara Hagan

"Vision without execution is just hallucination"

Hi There! I am Kiara S. Hagan. I grew up in Northwest Indiana and my family and I moved to Austin in 2011. I am a first time mom to a beautiful and happy baby girl. During my free time I dance. I perform about three times a year with my dance studio. I also enjoy traveling and reading. My partner and I have a live production company that curates events for the urban community in Austin.


I have a BS in Forensic and Investigative Science and BA in Chemistry with a specialty in Toxicology. I am published in the Forensic Science International Journal on original research of bath salts. This year I was nominated as one of the top 50 women in S.T.E.M in their 1 Million Women in S.T.E.M campaign.   

Before I discovered my love for Chemistry, I wanted to major in psychology and become a Profiler for the FBI. I respect the power and complexity of our minds and I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience that can accomplish anything we can think or imagine. We all have the ability to manifest our best lives and sometimes we need people to help us along the way. 

I am proud to be apart of Crave Counseling not only because I understand the necessity of mental health professionals in our community.

There are times in which Crave Counseling PLLC may have to decline services.

We are here to help you to solve your serious problems

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