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Parenting Styles and Your Child’s Outcome

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If you can remember, we discussed parenting types/styles in our last blog. For the moment, we are going to review the four types and aim to tie in how those parenting types can affect your child’s future or outcome. I also plan to bring in two new parenting types or styles as an extension as to how we are shaped. Parenting styles play a big role in to who we are today. We will be covering authoritative, authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, uninvolved parenting, social media parenting and absent parenting in this blog. As a note of reference, absent parenting is typically the same as the uninvolved parent but for the sake of this blog we will express them as a difference.

Authoritarian parents are parents that are strict, inflexible and set high expectations. There are not secrets or locked doors in this household. They provide high supervision and require high obedience. Children with authoritarian parents are typically at a higher risk of being obedient because if they are not it may run them a risk of bad consequences. These children are more likely to develop self-esteem issues because their thoughts and opinions don’t matter. These kids typically become aggressive or hostile because of their environment. These kids are also more likely to become great liars or be very sneaky.

Permissive parenting consists of being nurturing or affectionate. These parents have few or inconsistent boundaries and are more like friends to their kids. Kids with permissive parents typically struggle academically and may experience more behavioral problems. These kids also are at a higher risk for obesity because their parents may struggle to limit their junk food intake. These kids also typically struggle with behavioral problems because they don’t appreciate the authority and rules. Kids also tend to experience low self-esteem and sadness.

Uninvolved parenting is a style of parenting in which the parent is emotionally detached and self-absorbed. Typically, these parents have inconsistent or no boundaries, with slight interactions. These types of parents produce situations in which a child must learn to take care of themselves. These kids typically experience self-esteem issues, anger and have problems navigating through life.

With authoritative parenting, parents are nurturing, affectionate and uses non-punitive measures for discipline. Parents typically provides discipline through guidance and open communication. Children with authoritative parents tend to be successful and thrive later in life. These kids also tend to problem solve and take accountability for their actions.

Absent parenting is literally what it says. These are parents that are absent on all levels of involvement including physical, financial and emotional. Out of sight and out of mind parents. Kids with these types of parents typically grow up being resentful and angry at their parents. Kids can frequently become self-conscious, experience anger, anxiety and sadness.

Social media parenting are the types of parents are a blend of the uninvolved parent and the permissive parent. These are the types of parents that are only available for the image of parenting, like taking pictures but not really knowing who their children are and what they truly need. These types of parents put much emphasis on material things for their kids and I’m not talking about buying diapers. These are the parents that put much emphasis on name brands and false moments of happiness. Now I am not saying that every parent that posts pictures on social media are social media parents, but I think we all know one person who fits this description.

To now bring all of this into context, all we are trying to do here is inform the community of the different parenting styles. There is not a right or wrong way to parent. Also, parents can transition from one style to the next depending on their child’s needs, change in family make up or just natural change. We hope that you use this blog as a guide to help you identify your parenting type and think about the things that may impact the way your kids are experiencing your parenting style. Parenting can be hard and everyone will struggle with the different parts of parenting. Each parenting type will impact their kids and their outcomes.

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